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Looking for Adventure?


From time to time we are able to offer trips that are not certification courses, but are still set up to build experience and sailing skills. These are generally open ocean passages with coastal cruising at the start and end of the passage. We do follow a formal curriculum on these trips.



An adventure sail is exactly that – an adventure on the water.

Even though these are not certification courses, teaching and learning is at the forefront of our trips. No matter what your skill level, you will find these trips challenging. Most of the adventure sails will involve at least one overnight passage.

There are no prerequisites for an adventure sail.


It is possible to treat an adventure sail as a certification course (CYA Basic or Intermediate) if there is more than one crew that wishes to do this and prior arrangements have been made with Voyageur Sailing in writing. There is a $300.00 up charge over the course fee to cover course materials, exam, certification, and administration costs.



For those looking for offshore experience and to build mileage to prepare for their own voyages or certifications


These are usually passages between cruising areas and don’t lend themselves to a structured course. Actual departure and arrival times may vary depending on weather and other outside influences.


Flexibility is the key here. We will however continue with the teaching of skills and provide the appropriate learning environment. There is no formal testing.


Since the duration of the passage will vary, it is difficult to set a fee for them. However it should be around $1.00 per mile.

Some previous sailing experience would be an asset when applying, but not absolutely required.


We are looking for people that are easy going, flexible and can adapt to changing conditions and circumstances.

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