Sail and Kayak: A Unique West Coast Adventure!

As our Atlantic adventures draw to a close, we will be heading through the Panama Canal to the Pacific Ocean. After visiting the Galapagos Islands, we will make our way to the British Columbia Coast via Hawaii. British Columbia with its rugged coastlines will be an excellent venue for our students to make full use of our four Feathercraft Kayaks. Your kayak will glide quietly and effortlessly through the water, allowing for photographic and interactive opportunities that are not available by other means. Voyageur will become our mother ship, providing a comfortable haven to start and finish our days’ excursions. Why not join us for a unique sail/kayak experience! While our prime objective is to strengthen sailing skills, combining kayaking will add to your adventure. We explore wild coastlines that most people may never see. Rounding each point, we are confronted with stunning vistas that tantalize our senses and inspire us to paddle on…….

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