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As an Advanced Sailing Instructor, I have run Basic, Intermediate and Advanced sailing courses in the Great Lakes, the Caribbean and the British Isles. I can never predict how “challenging” or “interesting” these may be. Each of my crews has never had the exact same experience as the crew before. The Intermediate and Advanced Level cruising course prepares you for more than the theory and practice of points of sail, docking and undocking and navigating from point A to point B. Intermediate and Advanced courses help you predict, understand and react appropriately to challenging on-board situations. There are inherent dangers to the sport of sailing; worsening weather, emergency situations, and equipment failure which could impact crew and vessel safety. By taking a more advanced sailing course or a course at your level in a different vessel and cruising environment , you will encounter and learn how to deal with boats and their systems, various weather conditions, and the inherent challenges of inland waters, ocean currents and the effects of tides. In the warm climate of the Caribbean there is no significant tide to deal with. Wind generally blows from the east at 15-25 knots and the occasional squall will produce its own challenges. On the other hand, sailing in British Columbia, delivers many other challenges attributable to cooler climates, tides, currents and frontal weather systems. Why not consider advancing your skills at a particular Cruising Standard by re-visiting an Intermediate or Advanced cruising course in a more challenging environment. Voyageur Sailing is offering Sail Canada (CYA) Intermediate and Advanced Cruising courses in British Columbia in Summer/Fall 2014-15. These courses will improve your awareness of the theories, and necessitate your implementation of the theories of tides, currents, frontal weather systems and seamanship.

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