ONLY 2 SPOTS LEFT on Leg 4 Sail Canada Advanced Cruising Course

We have been having an incredible trip so far this summer on leg1, making our way north from Vancouve, through Cambell River, Seymour Narrows and Johnstone Strait.We stopped at Alert Bay for some R&R, hiking and checking out the Totems.Calvert Bay was not on our list of stops, however, many cruisers said that tis was a must see . . . and it was.This also allowed time for the winds to shoft in our favour. We headed offshore from there for an overnight passage to Queen Charlotte City in Haida Gwaii. where we are anchored now.

The weather has been sunny with only a few spots of rain in 2 weeks, but we have had many challenges with winds up to 35 knots on the nose.We handled this with a couple of unscheduled stops.

Crew members have been working hard at building their sailing skills to the Sail Canada Intermediate Cruising level.They have been exposed to some great navigational challenges, getting the timing right for many tidal situations including Seymour Narrows, which was running at 14 knots, and many tricky entrances to anchorages.Students have also had to build skills using electronic navigation tools including 2 days of sailing in thick fog with the radar working overtime.

Our next stop is Prince Rupert where we will change crew and make our way further north to Glacier Bay with students doing their Sail Canada Advanced Certification.

We have 2 openings for students on Leg 4, which is 3 weeks long starting on August 30. This is a Sail Canada Advanced Cruising course that will challenge even the most seasoned sailors. The course starts in Prince Rupert with a passage south to Haida Gwaii. We will cruise the archepelego for a couple of days, then head offshore for a double overnight passage in open ocean to Tofino on the west coast of Vancouver Island. The pace will slow a little as we make our way to Victoria, cruise the Gulf Islands and finish off in Vancouver on September 19

If you are looking at doing some extensive cruising and offshore passage making in your future, this is an ideal opportunity to build your skills and experience, under the careful guidance of a professional .

The proposed Itinerary for the course is as follows, however we may have to adapt it to suit the ever changing environmental, crew and vessel conditions.

Day - Location- Activity

1 - Prince Rupert

Welcome Aboard, Boat Orientation and Safety Briefing

Lesson Plans: Weather Basics, Cold water survival, Seasickness, Navigation – Traditional and Electronic techniques

2 - Prince Rupert

Lesson Plans: Tides and Currents, Passage Planning, Preparing Boat for a Passage, Anchoring

Reefing, tacking and jibing

Sail and Motor to Spice Is.

Setting Sails, Reefing, Tacking and Jibing

3 - Spice Is

Lesson Plan: Night Sailing, Collision Regulations

Set sail for Haida Gwaii. Boat handling under sail, Crew Overboard practice. Using an Asymmetric Spinnaker

Overnight sail to Haida Gwaii

4 - Haida Gwaii

Queen Charlotte

Anchoring, Docking Theory and Practice, Set up dingy, Park Orientation Meeting, Provisions

Exploring town

5 - Haida Gwaii

Gwaii Haanas N.P.

Lesson Plan: Sail trim, COB retrieval, Radar Basics

Set sail for Gwaii Haanas NP, Practice tacking jibing and COB

6-8 - Gwaii Haanas N.P.

Lesson Plans: Weather Basics, Tracking weather and integrate with navigation plan, Navigation, Heavy Weather

Short passages between anchorages

Weather window opportunities will dictate amount of time in Haida Gwaii

Kayaking and Hiking ashore

9-11 - Queen Charlotte Sound

60 hour open ocean passage

Lesson Plans: Watch Keeping, Celestial Navigation Basics, Record keeping, Weather Forecasting and Routing

Radar and AIS Training for Collision Avoidance

Using a Drogue, COB practice at night and day

Sail trim, Reefing, Storm Tactics

12-13 - Tofino

Debrief Passage, Interim Student Evaluations, Rest

Review Collision Regulations

Carol disembarks boat

14-15 - Broken Group

Short passage from Tofino

Anchoring techniques, Using a 2nd Anchor, Trip lines

16 - Overnight Passage to Victoria

Crew overboard at night

17 - Victoria

Lesson Plans: Review theory- Sail trim, Seamanship

Write Exam, Provisioning

Docking Practice

18 - Gulf Islands

Docking Practice, Setting Asymmetric Spinnaker, Tides + Currents, Anchoring

19 - Gulf Islands

Student Evaluations and Debrief

Kayaking, Hiking and Touring

20 - Vancouver

Arrival in Vancouver

Clean, Pack, Disembark

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