Vancouver Boat Show

The Vancouver Boat Show begins on Wednesday, January 20 and runs through to Sunday January 25. Once again they will be conducting their FREE educational seminars every day. Ken will be speaking on a number of topics, once each day..

A couple of new topics have been added this year that will provide an informative and humorous look at issues and problems when dealing with marine toilets (HEAD ACHES) and effectively utilizing the galley while making a passage (GALLEY ANTICS)

Ken's speaking schedule is as follows:

Wed. January 20 1330 Sailing Away: Making Your Dreams a Reality

Thursday January 21 1430 Reducing the Anxiety in Boating

Friday January 22 1800 Galley Antics - on the Cooking Stage

Saturday January 23 1830 Head Aches: Trials + Tribulations of Marine Toilets

Sunday January 24 1500 Galley Antics - on the Cooking Stage



Are you looking to take the plunge? Dreaming about sailing away to exotic and exciting destinations? Cruiser, racer or single hander, your sailing dream can become a reality! In 1995 Ken and Carol made a plan to construct a boat and sail world-wide. They are now living that dream! Share and learn from their experiences. Find out how they balanced family and job while maintaining their launch date. Ken will outline steps to help you clarify your “dream” and offer strategies that will keep you motivated. His tips will assist you in overcoming the challenges encountered while making your dream a reality.


Most boaters experience some anxiety when heading out on the water. This type of anxiety can be “healthy” as it makes us more cautious and alert. However, some people develop “unhealthy anxiety” discouraging and even preventing them from the boating experience. This clinic will look at the causes of anxiety in boating, and provide tools to help you manage the risks. By managing the risks associated with boating, your anxiety will be reduced to a level where your boating experience will be safe and pleasurable.


Once you decide to venture further on your boat, the time will come when you have to prepare your meals while underway. A task that presents some incredible challenges. This is a light hearted, entertaining look at what can go wrong and right in the galley while working in an environment that is in constant and unpredictable motion. We also look at galley layout, safety and provisioning for passages. We wrap up with a look at Ken’s cooking philosophy . . . creative cooking while underway.


The bathroom is taken for granted in homes. More often than not, it works perfectly but if things go wrong, we call a plumber to do the dirty work. Everyone who joins Voyageur10.10 has a sense of urgency in their voice as they ask us to review the use of the head! The toilet on a vessel can be a mysterious piece of equipment AND a source of grief to many of us. When things go wrong, the crap literally hits the fan. HEAD ACHES is a light hearted look at what has and will go wrong with the head. Ken will offer solutions and preventative measures to keep your head working properly and smelling right.

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