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February12 - Sailing Away: Dream to Reality and Beyond

In 1995 Ken and Carol made a plan to construct a boat and sail world-wide. They are now living that dream! Share their experiences in this inspirational, light hearted account of how they initiated their plan and brought it to fruition. Ken had sailed most of his life, but Carol was a complete newbie to sailing. When Ken went out on a limb and asked Carol to sail around the world, without hesitation, she whole heartedly agreed to this adventure.

Find out how, for 15 challenging years, they balanced family, jobs and social life while constructing their aluminum vessel from scratch. Marvel at how Ken and Carol managed to maintain their launch date and budget by keeping focussed and motivated throughout this lengthy project.

Upon completion of Voyageur10.10, Ken and Carol cast off from Penetanguishene, Ontario on June 2, 2012. Over the next 26 months they sailed 35,000 miles covering the east coast of Canada, Chesapeake Bay and the Caribbean. They crossed the Atlantic Ocean, visiting Bermuda, Azores, UK, and Portugal. In the fall of 2013, they followed the sun south to Madeira, the Canary Islands and Cabo Verde. The end of hurricane season saw them crossing the Atlantic again back to the Caribbean. Transiting the Panama Canal, they sailed to the Galapagos, Hawaii and finally the west coast of Canada.

Revel in their exhilaration, bliss and moments of anguish throughout this amazing adventure: A journey which includes gales, hurricanes, loss of steerage and the most beautiful places in the world.

Share in this 18 year adventure at the presentation, “Sailing Away: Dream to Reality and Beyond”; part of the Ocean Cruising Adventure Series on February 12.


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