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Don’t let anchoring spoil a great day of sailing.

Ken and Carol have sailed full time living aboard for 8 years. They have enjoyed many pleasurable stops in breathtaking anchorages. Learn what anchoring strategies they implement to minimize each other’s stress, to maximize restful sleeps on the hook and to stay safe throughout the anchoring process.

Novice or advanced sailors will benefit from illustrative slides

Successful Anchoring
1930 - 2230 Eastern Standard Time
Live Stream on Zoom          Cost $50.00
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Includes 20 pages digital  course notes

Seminar Outline

1 - Anchoring Equipment

Anchors, Rodes, Snubbers, Chain Stopper, Windlass, Shore lines, Secondary anchor, Trip line and buoy

2 - Choosing an Anchorage

What to look for

Preplanning - References, weather, tides and currents, timing issues

Other Considerations - proximity to amenities, access to shore

Safety Issues

3 - Executing the Plan

Communication among crew, Reconnaissance pass,  Electronic Aids, Locating the Spot, Prepping and Dropping anchor, Setting Anchor, Staying Safe, Anchor Watch, Making yourself visible

4 - Weighing Anchor

Communication among crew, Exit Strategy, Raising Anchor, Transition of Control, Crew Responsibilities

5 - Special Considerations

Trip Lines, Anchor Buoys, Secondary Anchors, Setting Shore lines

Anchoring under sail.

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Lots of great information..nice job with the slides!  Thanks Ken and Carol

D.M.  2022 Participant

Just a quick note of thanks and appreciation for an excellent anchoring presentation last night. You have a knack for teaching- well done.

G.P.   2022 Participant

Having 15 seasons in Georgian bay I don’t expected to get too much of update on anchoring.

But I was surprised by your common-sense approach & mastering of on this issue. I am really ignited by your presentation.

M.G.   2022 Participant

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