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2024 Summer Schedule

 Voyageur 10.10 is once again cruising the waters of East Coast Canada  It's a big year as we are circumnavigating Newfoundland for the second time

This is a trip of a lifetime. We completed this trip in 2019 going counterclockwise, now we are reversing the direction which will put us at the north tip of Newfoundland earlier in the season increasing the possibilities of icebergs on Leg 2

Join Ken and Carol as they complete their fifth trip to Newfoundland and continue the journey to Nova Scotia and PEI; further exploring picturesque towns, isolated fishing villages and serene anchorages while cruising and learning on Canada's east coast

Your travels with us, aboard VOYAGEUR 10.10, will help you refine your sailing skills and acquire knowledge on making your own passages safer and more pleasurable!

Sign Up for one of Voyageur Sailing’s East Coast Adventure Courses, today!

All our courses  include training in electronic navigation tools, including radar. 

Students also get extensive training in TIDES/CURRENTS, WEATHER & PASSAGE PLANNING

Most courses have night sail training including at least one overnight passage.

There is a maximum of 4 students on each course. Pricing is per person


Our sailing adventures force us into an environment that challenges the comforts and conveniences that we may be used to. Sailing immerses us into an awesome natural environment within which we maintain our basic needs of life.

Voyageur Sailing offers instruction in the skills required to confidently embrace cruising and make passages under sail.

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All 2024 courses are Sold Out
Check out the 2025 schedule
Leg 1 - Charlottetown PEI  to Corner Brook NL
June 23 - July 5, 2024 (13 days) - Approx. 400 miles
Sail Canada Intermediate or Advanced Cruising certification
Anticipated stops include Tatamagouche NS,  Cheticamp NS, Magdelan Islands PQ, Lark Harbour NL, Woods Is NL, Cox's Cove NL
The passage from Magdelan Islands to Newfoundland will be set to meet the Advanced standard of 50 hours continuous sailing.

Cost $ 3,600.00 Cdn pp + hst not including air or ground transportation
East Coast 2024 Leg 1.png
Leg 2 - Corner Brook NL to St. Johns NL:
Around the Top clockwise

July 13 - August 2, 2024 (21 days) - approx.  700 miles
Sail Canada Intermediate Cruising certification

Anticipated stops include Gross Morne, St, Anthony, La Scie, Fogo Is., Mortons Harbour, Twillingate, Bonavista,Trinity and Irelands Eye
Shore based highlights should include climbing Gross Morne (800m high), Visiting the Viking sites near St Anthony, hiking the Skerwink Trail and taking in the live theatre in Trinity 
There will be 2 overnight passages on this trip

Cost $ 5,400.00 Cdn pp + hst not including air or ground transportation
East Coast 2024 Leg 2.png
Leg 3 - St Johns NL to Sydney NS
August 5 - August 17, 2024 (13 days)  -  approx. 450 miles
Sail Canada Advanced Cruising Certification
Anticipated stops include Ferryland, St Lawrence, Lamaline, and St. Pierre & Miquelon (You will need your passport to enter France)
There will be an overnight passage from Ferryland to St Lawrence

The two day passage to meet the Advanced Standard will take us from St. Pierre around the north side of Miquelon and then SW to Sydney NS
Cost $ 3,600.00 Cdn pp+ hst, not including air or ground transportation
East Coast 2024 Leg 3.png
Leg 4 - Sydney NS to SW and W Newfoundland to Iles de les Madeleines to Charlottetown, PEI
August 19 - August 31, 2024 (13 days)  -  approx. 700 miles
Sail Canada Intermediate or Advanced Cruising certification

 Starting in Sydney, we will quickly make an overnight passage to Grand Bruit on the SW coast of Newfoundland. After cruising the isolated out ports along this coast we will make the 200 mile passage to the Bay of Islands and Corner Brook.  Next will be a 200 mile passage south to the Magdelan Islands, Cheticamp NS, and wrapping up great adventure in Charlottetown, PEI
Cost $ 3,600.00 Cdn pp + hst, not including air or ground transportation
2024 leg4-2.jpg


We understand that each person has his/her own strategy for learning. On Voyageur, various tasks will be explained and demonstrated. We encourage dialogue and repetitive self practice without our continual prompting. Repetitive personal practice will result in both successful and unsuccessful attempts. Some of our best learning takes place after we have made a mistake. Our courses run for two weeks, with a 2:1 student/teacher ratio providing you with the opportunity to build sailing skills and retain them after your course is completed. Although sailing aboard Voyageur may challenge the boundaries of your comfort zone, the end result is a feeling of being empowered to pursue your future sailing adventures.

Check out this video!

Watch a snippet of the fun times we had cruising the east coast of Newfoundland from St. John's to Bonavista in 2012. 

Not always shrouded in fog, we enjoyed sunny days, secluded anchorages and fish boat harbours, where everyone is happy to see you and always ready to lend a hand.

Cannot wait to return!

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