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Seminar Objective 

To provide you with the knowledge, tools and thinking for independent decision-making on marine weather forecasting, route planning and heavy weather avoidance.

The GOAL = Marine weather self reliance

Includes digital version of course notes

Marine Weather
November 2&3 (2 evening course) 
1900 - 2200 Eastern Daylight Time
Live Stream on Zoom          Cost $90.00 cdn + hst

Seminar Outline

Day 1

The Marine Environment

What is Weather

The Atmosphere

Basic and Global Air Movement

Effect of Earths Axis and Coriolis Effect on Air Movement

Surface Pressure - Areas of High and Low Pressures

Measuring Pressure - The Barometer

Surface Pressure Map

Surface Pressure vs Wind Strength and Direction

Frontal Lows - Warm Front & Cold Front

Clouds - Descriptions and Relation to Fronts

Atmospheric Conditions Associated with Fronts

Backing and Veering Winds

Non Frontal Lows

Local Conditions - Effect of Topography on Weather

Tropical Squalls

Waves and Swells

Day 2

Weather Forecasts

Obtaining and Deciphering Forecasts

Synoptic - Surface Charts 

GRIB Files

Heavy Weather

Route Planning

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