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Seminar Objective 

To provide you with the knowledge, tools and thinking for independent decision-making on marine weather forecasting, route planning and heavy weather avoidance.

The GOAL = Marine weather self reliance

Includes digital version of course notes

Marine Weather
0900-1630 EDT  -  $120.00
Live in Classroom or Stream on Zoom 

Seminar Outline

The Marine Environment

What is Weather

The Atmosphere

Basic and Global Air Movement

Effect of Earths Axis and Coriolis Effect on Air Movement

Surface Pressure - Areas of High and Low Pressures

Measuring Pressure - The Barometer

Surface Pressure Map

Surface Pressure vs Wind Strength and Direction

Frontal Lows - Warm Front & Cold Front

Clouds - Descriptions and Relation to Fronts

Atmospheric Conditions Associated with Fronts

Backing and Veering Winds

Non Frontal Lows

Local Conditions - Effect of Topography on Weather

Tropical Squalls


Waves and Swells

Weather Forecasts

Obtaining and Deciphering Forecasts

Synoptic - Surface Charts 

GRIB Files

Pilot charts

Heavy Weather

Route Planning

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