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Vessel operators in coastal waters need to be very mindful of the effect of tides and tidal currents caused by the gravitational pull of the sun and moon.

Water levels can fluctuate by several meters and some tidal currents are strong enough that pleasure craft may not be able to make headway against the current.

This course will guide you to develop a complete understanding of Tides and Currents, enabling you to make navigational decisions that will enhance safety on your vessel.

Digital version of notes will be emailed to participants prior to seminar day

Tides and Currents
1930 - 2230 Eastern Daylight Time
Live Stream on Zoom          Cost $50.00
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Seminar Outline

Your day on the water is ruled by tides and their associated currents

If heading out into tidal waters it is critical that you have a complete understanding of them and the impact that they will have on your cruising plans

Ocean and River Currents

Non Tidal Changes in Water Levels

Tides and Tidal Currents


Sources of Tidal and Current Information


Deciphering Tide Tables, Primary and Secondary Ports

Anchoring and Docking in Tidal Waters


Sources of Current Information

Flood and Ebb

Set and Drift

Overfalls, Whirlpools

Deciphering Current Tables

Utilizing a Current Atlas

Tidal Diamonds on Charts

Anchoring and Docking in Current

Using Vectors to Calculate Affect of Current on Course

Calculating Course to Steer to Counteract Current

Concluding with

Completing a passage example utilizing tide and current tables to calculate course to steer to counteract current, timing for slack current to go through narrows and depth of water upon arrival at anchorage using tidal curve. Also calculate scope to accommodate highest tide while anchoring overnight

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