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Experience Sailing!

Advances in today’s technology make living comfortable, easy and convenient. To some it is reassuring, to others; mundane and lifeless. A sailing adventure may force us into an environment that challenges such comfort and convenience. Sailing immerses us into an awesome natural environment where we must maintain the basic needs of life.

Recognizing and managing risks help us avert unnecessary anxiety. Voyageur Sailing offers instruction in these necessary skills and provides you with reassurance to help you confidently embrace sailing. Although sailing aboard Voyageur may challenge the boundaries of your comfort zone, the end result is a feeling of being fully alive and in touch with the natural world.

The adventure sailing lifestyle aboard Voyageur, will encompass fun and fitness, safety, adventure and discovery, while maintaining principles of conservation.

In addition to practical sailing experience, Voyageur Sailing offers courses and tutorials on all aspects of sailing; wind & weather, GPS, heavy weather, knots, safety at sea, sail trim and emergency procedure. These courses are available prior and during your sailing excursion.

Although the core of our activities is sailing, Voyageur Sailing also offer activities such as kayaking, mountain biking, and trekking, so we can further explore the lands we visit.

The Learning Environment

Voyageur Sailing provides an environment conducive to learning. Its well-equipped vessel is inspected cleaned and maintained on a daily basis. Friendly, certified and experienced staff offers its clients the necessary support and education to make your excursion a memorable experience. With a limit of 4 participants, Voyageur Sailing maintains an optimum client/staff ratio of 2 to 1.

Learn By Doing!

We, at Voyageur Sailing understand that each person has his/her own strategy for learning. On Voyageur, various tasks will be explained and demonstrated. We encourage dialogue and repetitive self practice without our continual prompting. Repetitive personal practice will result in both successful and unsuccessful attempts. (Some of our best learning takes place after we have made a mistake). So learn by yourself and be assured that the instructor will only intervene in circumstances of increased risk to crew or vessel!

Voyageur Sailing has designed most of its excursions for 2 week intervals. This provides ample time to manage simple day to day tasks as well as more complex events that develop due to changing weather, vessel maintenance and the condition of crew. Meeting your expectations is Voyageur Sailing’s main objective but Nature always has the final say! As the wind can be fickle and the sea; unpredictable, each crew member’s positive attitude will go far onboard Voyageur. If crew members are happy to adapt to the ever-changing environment, they will advance their personal enjoyment of the sailing experience and that of the crew.


Whether you are a newcomer to sailing, a novice, intermediate or advanced sailor, Voyageur Sailing offers its crew a “hands-on” experience in sailing! Whatever your comfort-zone is, the skipper and crew of Voyageur aim to meet your expectations. Live-aboard skills and those learned on water empower you with the confidence to enjoy your own voyages to exotic places. Aboard Voyageur, you will expand your sailing knowledge, which may encourage you to seek adventure to the next level!

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