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Crew Overboard Prevention

We have had many sailors ask us about our COB prevention method on Voyageur 10.10. It is quite difficult to describe accurately, so me made this video. We did it at the dock because of the difficulty to film it properly while underway. The most important design feature of our system is that you cannot go overboard and impact the water, even if you tried. Many people head out on their boats with a false sense of security. Their jackline/tether system will keep them attached to the boat, however the system will let them go overboard. Being dragged through the water next to a jostling boat, even a slow speed, will lead to your drowning very quickly. You will wish that you weren't attached, and desperately try to release yourself, defeating the whole purpose of wearing the tether. It takes some time and effort to come up with a system that works, but it may save your life one day, as our system has saved mine.

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