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Getting Spiffed Up and Ready for the New Year!

Voyageur10.10 stands proudly on the hard at Bobby's Marina, St. Maarten. Having felt deserted by our month-long visit to family and friends in frigid Toronto, she is now basking in our TLC. Voyageur carried us safely across the Atlantic and back during the past 18 months; battling all kinds of wind and waves on our 24,000 mile passage which pushed her to the limit. Now it's "her-time" to relax and enjoy two weeks of well-earned rejuvenation. Sloughing off the remnants of seaweed and barnacles, she dons 2 new coats of antifouling paint. By tightening her bolts, greasing and polishing her prop and replacing her "zinc jewellry" she knows we care! WE even bought her some well-deserved xmas gifts; new bimini rails and a new salt water system for her galley, stern and bow. Presently stripped of her mainsail, she patiently awaits its return; Its fabric is strong but its seams need reinforcing. Replacing a few wires in her fans and lights, we have regenerated her sparkle. Although the land breeze caresses her hull, it will soon be refreshed by the Caribbean Sea. Launched and ready: She will carry us though the next 10,000 miles from here to British Columbia via the Panama, Galapagos and Hawaii. Voyageur10.10, you deserve to stand proud!

Posted by Carol

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