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St. Kitts - A Vista from the "Old Fort"

After a peaceful overnight mooring in Ile Fourche, we set sail for St Kitts. The passage was glorious; winds 15-20 from the SE with the occasional brief shower. We anchored in Basse Terre and the Crew took a taxi tour to see The Botanical Gardens and Mirabelle Batik Gallery. The view from "The Old Fort" was spectacular....Ahh the Caribbean weather; warm and sunny.

Later this afternoon, we will take advantage of the calm seas here. As the bay around Basse Terre is in the lee of the island, it is the perfect spot to practice crew overboard. Once we arrive at Whitehouse Bay, 5 miles further south, the crew will be afforded ideal conditions to practice manoevering under sail in tight quarters and anchoring under sail: The waves are small but the winds good, as they are being channelled between two peaks. Tomorrow morning, we set sail for Dominica. This will be a challenging 30 hour+ overnight passage as the wind direction is from the SE, and that's where Dominica is.

By: Carol

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