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Team Building: Sailing Skills for Families

This wonderful piece of art was masterfully drawn by 10 year old, Andrew. Andrew

and his family have just flown back to Toronto after spending a week building sailing

skills together aboard Voyageur 10.10. The sunny skies, palm trees, sun and seas of

Marigot Bay must have impressed Andrew while he was participating in daily

lessons, land trips and sailing adventures in beautiful St. Lucia.

Many families relish the thought of owning a sailboat; spending weekends cruising

around Centre Island in Toronto or taking an extended sailing vacation in the 1000

Islands, the North Channel or even the Caribbean. For some, the first sail can be a

pleasurable experience; a new larger boat is a fun adventure for the family who has

sailed smaller ones in the past. For newcomers to sailing, family members may

enjoy anchoring in a secluded bay after a sail in calm waters, and sunny skies. But

the new sailboat with family aboard presents its challenges, even for the most

experienced skipper. If your family has limited sailing experience together and you

are trying to entice them to this wonderful vacation idea, there are many

considerations to make.To limit their anxiety and assure a future of happy sailing

adventures, sailing instruction for all, is a good start.

These days when dance and music lessons, sport teams and business trips pull

the family apart, scheduling family sailing lessons bring you together to a common

goal. Voyageur Sailing offers Team Building: Sailing Skills for FamiliesWe believe

strongly that knowledge and preparedness will ensure a pleasurable experience for

every member of the family. Everyone reacts differently to the sailing experience. Lack

of understanding can produce anxiety adding to the chances of seasickness and

non-enjoyment. With the guidance and expertise of a knowledgeable and

experienced instructor, your family will learn together what is “safe practice” while

sailing. They will be challenged at their individual level to become competent with

appropriate skills. Under the careful eye of an instructor, they will learn whether to be

alarmed with what they feel, see and hear aboard a sailing vessel. Although Mom or

Dad may be more experienced, teaching your children to sail could be a recipe for

disaster equal to teaching your son or daughter to drive. By learning together, your

family will begin to trust each other; mainly because the instructor has provided a

framework into which each member can provide input. Your first family lesson can be

arranged as a sailing holiday in Vancouver in 2014 or 2015, wherever Voyageur 10.10

is sailing at the time.

Email us if you wish: Ken Gillstrom or Carol Gillstrom We will happily customize the teambuilding course that is

right for your family’s sailing plans.

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