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Vieux Fort, St. Lucia – A People’s Town

If you asked us where to visit in St. Lucia, we would be hard pressed to choose

one single site. St Lucia has everything you may look for in a cruising destination;

if you want a pretty resort and a well outfitted marina with beaches and nature

trails, choose Rodney Bay. If you want a rugged mountain climbs, volcanic

discovery with hot springs and volcanic mud baths, you will enjoy the Soufriere

experience but be prepared for the friendly “boat boys” selling you mooring

bouys, fruits , souvenirs or disposing of your garbage. A tranquil anchorage to

kayak, swim and enjoy a nice meal out will be found in Marigot Bay. But of all the

places Voyageur10.10 has felt most at home in St Lucia, the one that comes to

mind is Vieux Fort. Escape the tourist traps and the “North-America-in-the-

Caribbean” syndrome and enjoy “down-home” Vieux Fort. Don’t expect your

typical resort town, but you will experience a quiet anchorage, and “a living city” at

the fishing docks.

Seven days a week, dozens of colourful fishing skiffs with three or four fisherman

venture out to open water to find their “catch”; the freshest tuna, wahoo and mahi

mahi, available right off the dock. A short hike from the docks, passed the

medical university, you will find the yellow sand beaches of Anse de Sables.

Nearby are fields of horses grazing leisurely in the hot sun.

We ride the dinghy from the anchorage to the far wall of the fishing port. For the

past two years, we have been met by a helpful and personable “friend” called

Martinez. Martinez is not afraid of hard work. He is definitely the “GO-TO man”.

Whether you need diesel, propane, water or a taxi from the grocery store, Martinez

will call for it on his cell phone or cycle anywhere to find it. Not pushy or greedy,

Martinez is grateful for your business.

On the weekend especially, the town is busy with beautiful St Lucian’s going

about their various excursions and activities; shopping, selling, laughing with

friends at the outdoor bar stalls, the shoemaker or the check out at the

neighbourhood IGA. Nicely dressed Teens with neatly braided coifs share photos

and texts on their cell phones at the KFC or greet you with a friendly “good

afternoon” as they pass you at the bank machine. Early morning on Saturday,

Vieux Fort bustles with market vendors, preparing their stalls with fresh fruits ,

vegetables and more...You will even find palms for a few EC$ on the day before

Palm Sunday!

On Saturday afternoon, opposite the gated park, a local DJ booms music into the

streets. You may hear a few women and teens singing to themselves as they

continue on their way. The clothes and shoes are brought from inside to the

street corners, so the shop owners can happily greet passers-by and friends

who stop to chat. Not immaculate on the outside, Vieux Fort has a heart; alive

with polite and helpful people.

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